The Wee Wee Man

As I was walking mine alane, Betwixt the water and the wa, And oh there I spy’d a wee wee man, The weeest mannie that ere I saw.

His leg was scarse a shaftmont lang, thick and nimble was his thie; Betwixt his een there was a span, And betwixt his shouthers there were ells three. 

This wee wee man pulled up a stone, He flang’t as far as I could see; Tho I had been like Wallace strong, I wadna gotn’t up to my knee.

I said, Wee man, oh, but you’re strong! Where is your dwelling, or where may’t be?

 ‘My dwelling’s at yon bonnie green; Fair lady, Cum alang, and ye shall see.'

So we’ll awa, and on we rade, Till we cam to yon bonnie green; We lichted down to bait our horse, And up and started a lady syne.

Wi four and twenty at her back, And they were a’ weell clad in green; Tho I had been a crowned king, The warst o them might ha been my queen.

So we’ll awa, and on we rade, Till we cam to yon bonnie hall; The rafters were o the beaten gold, And silver wire were the kebars all.

There were pipers playing in every neuk, And ladies dancing, jimp and sma, And aye the owre-turn o their tune Was ‘Our wee wee man has been lang awa'