Manifesto that came to be via the Monoganon:


Avoid dystopias

More twin studies

Democratise celebrity

Return to our animal state


Enemy statuses on facebook

CBT replacement of customer service

Therapy for everyone who doesnt want it

Medication for everyone who wants therapy

Technology lessons for self-professed luddites

Befriend the illuminati and show them we care

Actualize a predator for the humans on earth (aliens)

Contact the aliens who have been watching us and anger them

Media analyses and sourcechecking for primary school children


Renaming of freedom of speech to political correct and vice versa

No intellectual property because it inhibits the collective conciousness

Seance to contact our internal marilyn monroe and CBT for all ghosts

Send all art and music without an ideological social responsible intention into a black hole

Academia replaced by practical pedagogic learning to utilize the collective conciousness

Use cyber biological technology to increase our sense of smell at least to the level of a pregnant woman.


Gossip inflator: a public platform with legal immunity for gossipees to talk

about inflamatory gossip followed by a purely ceremonial egging.

Alcohol/coffee is free but only purchased in bars/cafes with tapas (also includes wifi password and sparkling water)

Bi-monthly oesterogen pills for misogynists, bands, all-male boardmembers

nthly oestefo

Public Relations workers civil service and probation times

Drugs legalized but only available for groups of 3 or more.


Mandatory gap year budgeted interrailing for bigots

Military to clean all their equipment while on acid