In the beginning,

the Archangel Monoganon

came to us inside the Hale Bopp

comet (a transgalactic spacecraft). 

Naturally the Monoganon was arriving

earlier than 1995, as the Archangel's spirit

constantly resides within one tetrapod.



Visually appearing to the host in the form of an owl or an other flight-based

 Paleozoic Amniods (sea-beings and sea mammals are also forms of Monoganon).

The Archangel Monoganon last contacted Sherry

and then John McKenna, scholar, wizard, and chef from Scotland.

  Monoganon's transmissions take form of folksong and pop culture. 

Many times in history has Monoganon contacted the celtic people.

  As seen in this popular scotch folklore song.........:

"When we came to the stair-foot,

Ladies were dancing, jimp and sma,

But in the twinkling of an eye,

My wee wee man was clean awa."

(Link to full song)

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