Throughout time,

mind travelers from

other galaxies in this

universe have visited our

solar system and the planet earth.

In many cultures

stories about off-world

venturers from ages past

have been handed down through generations.

Ancient texts including the Dead Sea Scrolls

alude to superhumane Beings granted godlike powers

who came from the stars. Enigmatic pictoglyphs have been

carved on stones around the world depicting beings with wings

and strange headdresses encased in an envelope or some capsules

Legendary stuff.

Patterns, designs, and glyphs have often been found in wheat fields, barley pastures, rape acres, sunflower spots, rice grasslands, and other harvested cropspaces, but also in snow, ice, rust and even in the sand. Reports from around the world include Scotland, Wales, Irelands Canada, North-west America, Brazil, Marianske Lazne, Sweden, Granada, Slovenia, Finland, Belarus, Gambia, Nepal and others. Many formations seem to be concentrated in celtic areas referred to as the Central Belt around Carluke and Lanark. Perhaps less densely populated areas simply have nobody to observe or report the very temporary occurrences. If the purpose is to communicate with the inhabitants of Earth using universal symbols, then it is logical that locations near large populations would be undesirable, as the work would be mistaken for a prank by student of graphic arts or agricultural school classes....

One thing is for sure.  The intention is communication.  There doesn't seem to be any coherence in the sacred geometry, purely aestethically pleasing designs.  Artifacts from the depths of the Group Mind, ideas that appear through cryptoamnesiac visual centres in our collective honeycomb, our beehive brainbox.  The desire to communicate fills us all and only through Monoganon can we achieve the full freedom of expression.  Not our cognition but our non-thoughts, the thoughts on your heart that cannot be parsed in the human tonguemass.

Only those who have been contacted directly by the archangel can conduct a symphony of the heart chakra and neck chakra.  When they meditate they experience vibrations (maybe 433hz vibrations, or 316hz, or an interger far along in the PI sequence)  When they try to translate this to lingual oration usually they lose their mind to the group-mind.  Only with direct possession by Monoganon can they communicate an true idea from their base chakra.  Even then much of what they say is negligble.  The first rule of the manifesto is panoramic listening.  The ability to listen beyong the spheres of cognition and listen to the sacred geometry of the human soul.  To focus not on the field but the crop circles past and previous and future.  Continue to page 5 to learn the techniques of panoramic listening.