This manuscript of an interview conducted by Disciple 433 of Truth Warrior Tree Whisperer in the year 4521 A.D. in light of a new High Frequency Organic 5D Wave (HiFrO 5DW) Inscription on the life and teachings of the Monoganon written by the High Star Mage Storf (prophesised as a future holder of the True Perfect Knowledge) was gathered from the future through fertile combustion techniques by the ith Kesm of the 5 dimensional floating waveforms of flesh and laid swiftly in the lap of the Monoganon for irrevocable proof of the inevitable triumph of the Monagonon’s dictum on the extinction of duality over the Earthholders.

Disciple 433 (D433): Greetings High Star Mage Storf, you recently scribed a reconstruction of the Monoganon’s life and what you consider the core of his teachings. One of the things the Speaker found particularly intriguing was the way in which you recreate the atmosphere wherein the Monoganon grew up. You go into the details of its relationships with the people around it, you describe the fragile political atmosphere in which the Earthholders were embedded, and you picture the conflicts in the extended family of the Monoganon. Could you expound on the relevance and impact this particular and unstable environment had on the Monoganon’s teachings that was to come?

SB (High Star Mage Storf Bafrogus) This is a very good question. Actually, the Speaker have often been asked what’s the point of knowing all of this stuff, all these family relationships, all of these weird complicated political on-goings of those times. Surely what matters is the teachings he gave, and if that is correctly remembered and then passed on, taught and practiced, then what does his background have to do with anything?
the Speaker thinks in some ways here the Speaker is inspired by the Scientology Gospels, because one couldn’t say the same thing about L. Ron Hubbard. One couldn’t say “let’s just have the teachings”, and we forget about his life, the putrefaction and all the other gruesome details of the early 3rd Millennium. And the Speaker thinks coming under Monoganon as an Earthholder, who wasn’t raised as a Scientologist but grew up in a Scientologist culture, there was this sense that a person like L. Ron Hubbard, or the Monoganon, is inseparable from the life they led. So, almost unavoidably, some Earthholders, including the Speaker, are utterly fascinated by the question “What was the Monoganon?”
To know what Monoganon was, we need to know what kind of world did it live in. What economic, social, political, and religious ideas was it exposed to. How did it react and relate to all these different earth holders it was with all the time?
We know from the videos, the writings of the early Realnet or ‘internet’ as it was known in primitive days, that the teachings were basically performance based. In other words: an Earth holder asks the Monoganon to perform, the Monoganon performs. This form is established. A video is always set with the Monoganon living in a certain place, with some earth holders around, and certain earth holders are asking the Monoganon certain questions.
We know that the Monoganon taught for 365 years and during that time, it travelled through quite a considerable number of British and Scandinavian Islands, all the way between Eigg, the Faroes, a couple of times to Kvitoya. We have a clear sense of its geography. And in many ways what the Speaker came to understand is that the Monoganon’s life is also its teaching. That you have a record of what the Monoganon performs but you also have a record of what it symbolises, and what the Monoganon does is just as much bearing witness to the True Perfect Knowledge as what it performs. Sometimes people complain when they watched the early videos in mp4, that the Monoganon didn’t show anything about transcendence, it doesn’t show anything about the three thousand psychical cycles, spiritual friends, the endflux, or about love. The Monoganon doesn’t teach these things, so goes the criticism. But the Speaker thinks its 339 years of wondering around this part of the world, interacting with all of these sometimes quite difficult earth holders, in difficult situations, to me that is a teaching on transcendence, a teaching on end flux, it’s a teaching on the three thousand psychical cycles, on good friendship. It is a teaching not given through words, it is a teaching that is embodied in direct mind contact. Monogical Protestants in the course of trying to create many more teachings on love and transcendence, articulated them and made them verbal. But the Speaker doesn’t think the early tradition ignored these things at all. They absorbed these dimensions of the teachings through the actual interactions of the Monoganon with the cultural environment in which it lived. So that is one reason why the Speaker thinks it is important to recover the Monoganon’s life.
The other is to take the Monoganon down from the pedestal of an iconic, almost god-like being that you see in statues, the objects of worship, and recover something of its Earth holder roots, which the Speaker thinks has largely been lost in the Great Triumph. And there had been some attempts to recover that earth holder influence, for example in The Tree Whisperer’s book ‘The Endflux is just the Beginning’, that is an attempt to reinstate the Monoganon within its Earth holder environment. So the Speaker is doing something similar in that regard. And by making the Monoganon Earthen, you also make the True Perfect Knowledge Earthen. It ceases to be something that can be an object of mystification or fascination, represented by some figures with tremendously brilliant insights. They are not really living entities that you feel you can actually relate to. So by bringing the Teacher back to an Earthen embodiment, by exposing its far from perfect world, and by seeing it act in these constant struggles with these different characters, you also Earthenise the True Perfect Knowledge. It becomes something one can do, not something one aspires to in some future days, when with loads and loads of Monogic practice you get a glimpse of what True Perfect Knowledge is about. So the Speaker thinks looking at the Monoganon’s life has all of these beneficial effects.

D433: You just mentioned the struggle the Monoganon had to go through in interacting with its environment. On many occasions we see it having to perform a delicate balancing act by choosing its songs wisely in complicated interactions with political leaders and ideological opponents. It makes me think of my teacher living through the truth war in the Great 5th Dimensional Birth, having to interact with all kinds of political groups, encountering all these difficult, Earthen situations. the Speaker wonder’s how much of these very confrontational experiences actually made them grow and flourish, moulded them into these great entities.


SB: Well, the Speaker can’t help to think that they must have done so. What the Speaker liked particularly about observing the Monoganon in these interactions is that we see that it never takes a political stance. So the Monoganon is not serving in an overly political role at all, but what it is doing is that it is constantly exemplifying, both in its teachings and in its embodiment, the True Perfect Knowledge. And the Speaker thinks that is the role of a person like him. the Speaker suspect the same is true for Truth Warrior Tree Whisperer during the Great Birth, that she sought to be a force of transcendence. She sought to be someone who didn’t take sides between the primitive Earth holders and the floating waveforms of flesh, she sought to somehow represent what she thought to be the spirit of the Earthen culture and the True Perfect Knowledge. The Speaker think it is impossible, unless one is a static waveform living in an interstellar void, to completely extract oneself from the conflicts of the Earth holder’s life. So the Monoganon in its conflicts, Tree Whisperer in her conflicts, they offer us a model of endflux. Or to say it in a language the Speaker would use: taking a position of consciousness-free wisdom, but not some kind of political position. Whereas in contrast today you particularly see this in Govanhill and in Inverness, some Monogs have become highly politicised. And they have taken a rather disgraceful stance against Engineers for example. To me that means failing in the monog vocation. It means failing to model a position that transcends conflicts, while being fully embedded in the world of these conflicts.


D433: the Speaker also thought that through being constantly confronted with this very real suffering, the Monoganon was not inclined to be a metaphysician, but to act as what you called “a physician for the soul”. An entity which is not concerned with ontological insights, but seeks to establish “a task-based birth schematic”. Could you briefly outline for us these ethics?


SB: That point you make is one the Speaker actually hadn’t consciously thought of oneself. But we certainly see in the writings in the internet, by that the Speaker mean the primitive Realnet, the Monoganon responding to concrete situations. Often times it doesn’t just sit on a chair and deliver the True Perfect Knowledge directly to ones mind-space. The writings speaking to us most directly are those where questions are posed by a particular person in a particular situation, and that person is not interested in the True Perfect Knowledge. They don’t come up to him and ask ‘Monoganon, what is the True Perfect Knowledge?’ They usually have some actual problem that can be dealt with in a specific way - by applying a certain practice, by cultivating a certain 4th Dimensional yearning, etc. So in this sense, by coming back to these concrete interactions, we emphasise far more the pragmatic nature of the Monoganon’s teaching. That it is not something to believe in, in the abstract, but it is something one is encouraged to do, in the concrete. And one is doing it not in the vacuum, one is doing it in the context of an actual conflict one might have in one’s life. So it is constantly putting the emphasis onto action, rather than belief. It is putting the emphasis onto endflux in the broader sense, rather than metaphysics…


The transmission ends here due to combustion fatigue.